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Curbivore 2023

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See you at Curbivore 2023!

March 3, 2023    Los Angeles, CA

CurbIQ will be exhibiting at Curbivore. Come check us out to find out more about digital curb management.


Understand, manage, and optimize your curbside

Visualize Curbside Regulations

Having trouble interpreting a confusing sign? Need to find the closest loading and delivery zone? Use CurbIQ’s web platform or our API to share regulations with curb users such as rideshare drivers or delivery vehicles.

Simplifying Curbside Management

Digital curb management allows you to collect a curb inventory, keep it up to date, and propose any changes – all without any physical implementations.

Measure the Impacts

Analyze and quantify the benefits of providing micromobility options, dedicated loading zones, and protected bike lanes. Share the results with key stakeholders.

Curb Analyzer
City Curbs API

Stop By Our Booth to Learn About Accessing Curbside Data Across North America

Whether you are a delivery person, e-scooter user, TNC company, or rideshare driver, knowing where you can pick up, drop off, load, or wait at the curbside is key to streamlining operations. Come by our booth to learn how we can provide the following:

  • Curbside data for over 25 of North America’s biggest cities from Los Angeles to Toronto, via our City Curbs API
  • Curbside data includes paid parking zones, loading zones, accessible spaces, and pick-up/drop-off (PUDO) points
  • APIs that are fully customizable to provide the exact data you need in Curb Data Specification (CDS) format

Check out the curbside regulations around the conference


The Guide to Curb Management

Visit the guide to find out how good curb management can reduce conflicts at the curb. Create happier, healthier cities by easing mobility hardships, increasing economic output, and minimize injuries between users. Understand the optimal use of your curb with a digital curbside management solution by collecting, analyzing, and acting on the data.

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Curbside in Los Angeles

Collaborating with CurbIQ to facilitate a pilot project in various communities in Los Angeles provided the opportunity to understand the capabilities of their augmented mobile mapping solution for digitizing curb regulations in different urban contexts. CurbIQ’s data collection process and platform for visualizing curb data provides public agencies with a powerful tool to manage the increasing demands for curb space, as a result of new mobility options. Throughout our partnership, the CurbIQ team was collaborative, thoughtful, and excited to test their solutions in new contexts to gain insights to improve solutions for cities.

– Rogelio Pardo, Program Director, Urban Movement Labs