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Find Available Parking Spaces

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Use Cases

Find Available Parking Spaces

Direct drivers to available and regulated parking spaces, while reducing driver stress, overall parking infractions, congestion, and emissions.​

Trying to find parking in dense urban areas is tedious and stressful. Some drivers will cruise around the block searching for a free space, adding to traffic and emissions in the process. Others will simply double-park or park illegally in hopes they don’t get caught.

Using real-time curb occupancy data and curb regulations, CurbIQ can point drivers directly to an available and regulated parking spot that is close to their destination. Once there, drivers who’ve registered their in-app payment method can start paying for the spot in one swipe. 

For drivers who use CurbIQ to find parkingparking becomes faster and more predictable. And for cities where many drivers are doing this, traffic and double-parking decrease, emissions go down, and legal parking compliance goes up. Now, everyone’s happy.

Using real-time curb demand data, CurbIQ can provide drivers with a nearby, available, and regulated parking spots. 

Main Benefits / Impacts

  • Makes finding parking faster and less stressful
  • Reduces congestion and double-parking
  • Decreases CO2 emissions via reduced circling/idling
  • Helps drivers avoid parking tickets 
  • Allows for more proactive and efficient enforcement