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Locate Delivery & Passenger Loading Zones

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Locate Delivery & Passenger Loading Zones

Provide location data to delivery and rideshare drivers to find nearest, convenient locations for short stays: saving time, avoiding infractions, and preventing blockages of bike lanes or sidewalks.

Finding  a convenient space to drop off goods or pick up passengers is a constant challenge that commercial drivers face in their job. While some may be lucky to find a legal and available space, others may make stops in unauthorized locations facing risks for parking violations, blocking traffic or interrupting bike lanes. The consequences are increased costs, loss of customers due to inefficient delivery times and trips, and even traffic collisions.

Commercial loading zone, Washington, DC

The Solution:

Using an inventory of dedicated loading zones and potential permissive zones, CurbIQ can provide the optimal spots to make deliveries or pick up passenger for any given trip. This data can be ingested by the navigation system of any company through a restful API, formatted in the latest industry standards, such as the Curb Data Specification (CDS). 

This allows routing systems to always pull the most up-to-date information, because any changes to regulations can be managed by municipal staff and published to the public database. CurbIQ’s API can become a key intermediary between the regulatory system and commercial activities, so commercial drivers can optimize their operations and increase the benefits for all end users.

PU-DO (Pick-Up Drop Off) Zone dedicated for passenger loading / ride-share in Seattle, WA

Main Benefits:

  • Reduce delivery times by providing accurate information on permissive loading zones. This results in faster deliveries which is critical for companies to maintain their competitive edge.
  • Optimize delivery routes by avoiding highly congested areas during peak times, saving on fuel, reducing emissions and maximizing the number of daily deliveries.
  • Reduce travel lane obstructions from illegally parked vehicles.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty due to faster deliveries and efficient rides, leading to long-term success.