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Busy curbside with bike lane, cyclists, planters and parked cars

Understand, manage, and optimize your curbside

By digitizing curbside regulations, CurbIQTM helps cities better understand how their curbs are working today, and gives them modern tools to improve operations in the future.


Digital Solutions for
Curbside Management

Software Solutions
Curb Viewer

Helps municipalities, businesses, and residents better understand their curbside regulations in an easy-to-navigate platform

Curb Manager

Helps municipal staff update regulations in a user-friendly interface and convey these changes effectively

Curb Analyzer

Lets users analyze the supply, usage, and revenues of curbside space to make more informed planning decisions

Data Collection, Conversion & Sharing
Curb Data Collection

We collect curbside data and street assets using a variety of advanced processes

Curb Converter

Digitizes and standardizes city’s regulations to align with an industry standard format (CurbLR or CDS) and to create open regulation data

Curb Rules API

Disseminate curbside regulations to 3rd parties(E.g. couriers, TNCs, navigation platforms, and CAVs)

Discover the Opportunities that can be Unlocked with the Digital Curbside

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Guide to Curb Management

Good curb management can reduce conflicts and collisions, minimize injuries between users, increase economic output and more.

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Find out more about how CurbIQ works by exploring how our solutions can help you digitally manage your curbside.

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CurbIQ enables digital curb management