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Busy curbside with bike lane, cyclists, planters and parked cars

Understand, manage, and optimize your curbside

By digitizing curbside regulations, CurbIQTM helps cities better understand how their curbs are working today, and gives them modern tools to improve operations in the future.


What’s the state of your curbside?

Visualize with CurbIQ


View curbside regulations easily and efficiently to gain a better understanding of existing curbside uses

Manage with CurbIQ


Make proposed, temporary, or permanent changes to curbside regulations quickly and easily

Analyze with CurbIQ


Detect trends and assess the impacts of existing curb rules and usage on your transportation network

Improve with CurbIQ


Boost the productivity of underutilized spaces, reduce cruising for parking, and improve the convenience of the curbside for all

Good curb management can reduce conflicts and collisions, minimize injuries between users, increase economic output, ease mobility hardships, and more—creating happier, healthier cities.

CurbIQ Curb Converter

Curb Converter

CurbIQ has a robust set of patent-pending data collection methods to convert existing regulations into a digital curb inventory, from Open Data Automation, to on-street collection through Curb Level Surveying and Augmented Mobile Mapping. CurbIQ has adopted CurbLR and CDS, standards developed by SharedStreets and Open Mobility Foundation respectively, to use for generated curb inventories. 

CurbIQ Curb Viewer

Curb Viewer

CurbIQ’s map-based visualization tool allows municipalities to easily navigate and understand their existing curbside regulations. Both municipal staff and the general public can view the regulations that apply along any curb segment, along with other key information such as the price of parking and what time the restriction will change. Information is not limited to the curbside – transportation infrastructure, assets, real time data, and mobility options can also be displayed.

Explore Curb Viewer
CurbIQ Curb Manager

Curb Manager

CurbIQ’s simplified GIS platform lets municipalities manage their curbside efficiently by adding, removing, or modifying curbside regulations. This tool can be used to make permanent changes, for example adding a ‘No Stopping’ regulation to a busy segment during peak periods,  as well as regulations for temporary conditions, such as a road closure for a special event or dedicated pick-up and drop-off to assist with economic recovery related to COVID-19.

CurbIQ Curb Analyzer

Curb Analyzer

This tool helps municipalities quantify how their curb space is designated and how it is being used, revealing trends that city planners can leverage to better plan for their limited curb space. It provides visibility into the number of parking spaces by type or user, and offers access to customizable information and metrics such as space utilization, revenue generation, or sustainability scores to help municipalities track mobility goals.

CurbIQ Curb Rules API Tool

Curb Rules API

CurbIQ’s API allows curbside stakeholders, including transportation network companies, commercial vehicle dispatchers, and third-party app developers to add curbside regulation data to their own applications and mobility platforms.