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About Us

Curb Management, Transportation, and Technology Experts

The CurbIQ team is made up of Curbside Mobility Specialists, Transportation Engineers and Planners, Systems Engineers, Data Analysts and Software Developers, and is supported by a global network of industry experts in intelligent transportation systems and technology.

CurbIQ is an industry leader in the curbside management space, and has been featured in the US DOT’s  FHWA Curbside Inventory Report, the Guardian, and more. CurbIQ’s Co-Creator and Product Director, Peter Richards, is the former chair of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Parking Standing Committee, and is actively involved in the Canadian Parking Association (CPA). He was instrumental in the development of the City of Toronto’s visionary Curbside Management Strategy — one of the first formal city-wide strategies in North America. Peter was also the Project Manager for the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Curb Space Management Study, one of the largest curbside management strategies completed to-date, and is currently the Project Manager for the SCAG Curb Space Data Collection and Inventory Study, including cities such as Los Angeles and Long Beach.

CurbIQ is a member of the Open Mobility Foundation (OMF), a nonprofit industry association that develops open-source tools for cities to manage mobility and the curbside. CurbIQ continues to be instrumental in the development of data standards for curbside management, such as the Curbside Data Specification (CDS). CurbIQ’s Product Manager Jacob Malleau is part of the OMF Steering committee that is involved in shaping the future of curbside data standards.

CurbIQ straddles the realms of transportation, urban planning, new mobility, parking industry, all digitally connected through technology. Curbside Mobility Specialist Yuval Fogelson specializes in the digital transformation of public space, backed by academic research on the future design of curb space and transitioning into new mobility.

A Product of Arcadis IBI Group

CurbIQ is a product of technology-driven design firm Arcadis IBI Group, and is developed by its parking and curbside management experts. With a rich background in public- and private-sector consulting, the CurbIQ team understands the needs of curbside users, like cities and mobility companies, and the challenges they face.